Development – Calculations – Documentation

  • Design, development or optimisation of your product.

  • Calculations using FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to the requirements according to a standard.
  • Report for certification and approval. 

Jacob Böhme


Rugmarken 4

6950 Ringkøbing

+45 93910608

I have been self-employed since 2016, and have more than 20 years experience with FEA and structural calculations. My areas of expertise include composite materials, steel structures, wind turbines, and naval architecture.

Latest projects

  • FEA and documentation of a transport frame for a wind turbine tower.
  • FEA of a new flyjib for an excisting crane.
  • Load calculations, FEA, structural calculations and a documentation package for a small wind turbine for Solid Wind Systems.
  • Design of an advanced carbon fibre foiling boat.


In order to offer skills like CAD, thermoplastic, and project management,
I cooperate with: 

Sørens Nielsen, HISN IVS

Mikkel Böhme , Böhme Aps